Friday, 11 March 2011

Toxic Beauty

I'm off to check this range out from Illamasqua's toxic beauty- Its certainly not for the faint hearted or shrinking violet.....
Illamasqua- Toxic Beauty

Illamasqua has a really beautiful counter here in Brisbane- Black and Beautiful, I love it. The nail colours are to die for- sooo many and so many amazing shades.. In fact I'm off tomorrow to go and play they look really fun. Apparently the English based range is manufactured by German brand Kryolan- who is known for stage and theatre makeup. Alex Box is one of their amazing makeup artists, also they have some amazing collaboration artists whom some would remember from the band the Damned- David Vanian.. I loved him as a teenager.
Check out these images from the campaign
Illamasqua Toxic Beauty- wow!

A little Alice in wonderland feel to it- I guess more Alice in Toxic land.
Off to play with the range- tell you what I think soon.
MISS M x o x o

Thursday, 10 March 2011


This is my first blog- EVER- so be kind my pretties, Im a makeup artist from the land of Oz, I love art, makeup, vintage clothing, pinup and many other things. My makeup work will be included from time to time and my influences from around the world. Brands, products that inspire me and my life will be included.......
x o x o Miss M